How to make your job easier

Here’s a new tool just for professional mobile DJs that will give you an additional EDGE when it comes to your music programming.

Have you ever had a moment where the dance floor has been packed for the last 30 minutes, everybody is having a great time and then:



Maybe you just can’t think of what to play next

Or someone says "hey there’s about 20 of us that all take Latin dancing lessons together, can you play a Bachatta for us”

Or the planner just changed things on the fly and now you need 2 more introduction songs and a father – daughter song and…

They all need to be country songs!


These kinds of things happen to EVERY DJ sooner or later. And while we’ve all managed to get through it, you’ve probably thought at one time or another

"Oh man! I wish I had played this other song instead” but you just didn’t think of it until it was too late.

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little longer. – Neal
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My name is Neal Howard and I started my career as a mobile DJ back in 1995.

I got started by just asking the guy that did trivia at the bar if he needed any help. He said "sure”, and viola, I was a DJ.

My training consisted of "Don’t plug a mic into that hole. That’s for a gooseneck light” (By the way, if you ever do switch those up you can actually create smoke on your mixer which I learned on my first solo gig)

But I didn’t learn anything about music programming or reading a crowd. I was told "you’ll figure it out”

Through the years I always kept current with my music, but every now and then I’d get a surprise reaction from the audience where they just went nuts over a particular song, or maybe a particular set.

And like all mobile DJs, I had brides and grooms asking for suggestions to various parts of the wedding (father / daughter dance, grand entrance, wedding party intros etc).

Then it happened!
I started jotting down notes of fun songs, and songs that got a good reaction, and songs that people danced to. It wasn’t long before I had about a hundred little notes all over the place and I couldn’t keep track of them. I decided to create an Excel workbook with separate sheets for each type of event, or music.


It was during this time I started working with a new partner (Donnie Z). I became a little more interactive during the wedding. Many of my clients liked to have guests "sing for their supper” as a way to release tables to the buffet.

I would tell everyone that in order for their table to be next, they would need to sing a line from a song that had the word "love” in it.

Donnie would try to get the song playing before they finished singing it. One day I asked him for a list of all the songs we had with "love” in the title and there were over 1,000 of them. That gave them their own sheet in the workbook.

How it all started
Then on June 15, 2010 my friend, talented DJ and musician Brian Harris sent an email to me and 5 other DJs. (We often did this kind of thing as we had all known each other for years).


The email said:

Bride for Saturday specifically wants "Love Songs” for dinner music. So I was hoping someone has compiled a list that would fit this category any style/genre. Preferably a mix of jazz and modern pop (and heck, even Motown and oldies)

I replied to all of them, attached my workbook (which I called my "ultimate playlist”) and wrote the following:

There are 1,124 songs with the word LOVE in it on the Songs with LOVE sheet. And if you think this is just so unbelievably useful that you feel you MUST pay me for it, my PayPal address is

I even included the little winky emoticon to show I was just kidding.

About 5 minutes later I received an email from PayPal saying "you’ve got money”, and then another and then another.

I quickly replied back to the group and said "what are you guys doing, I was just kidding”.

They told me how much time they thought this would save them, and how they wished they’d done that years ago. Or even that they had started something like it, but they liked mine better.

So being an entrepreneurial kind of guy, I spent some time cleaning it up, making it a lot more user friendly and adding more songs and sets to it. I thought, since it had taken me years to compile it, and since it would save DJs a lot of time, and be very useful it had to have some value.

Then I set up a website and started spreading the word. So did a lot of my DJ friends (thank you Mark Ferrell, John Young, Ryan Burger, Bill Hermann, Scott Faver, and many many more). Soon DJs all over the U.S. and even a handful beyond the border had purchased my UPL. People kept saying the same thing, "wow, why didn’t I think of this” and "man this sure does make my job easier”.

Then after a few months they started saying "hey when are you going to update it” and "can you put it online”, and "can I add to it”.


So for the past year and a half, I’ve worked with multiple programmers, and spent tons of time and lots of money to try and get this online. I’ve also had an offline version created for you so you get the best of both worlds.

So what exactly does this thing do?Well let me first start off by telling you what it DOESN’T do.

It doesn’t cause you to turn your brain off

It doesn’t dictate your song selection

It can in no way REPLACE your skill, talent and your ability to read a crowd
But what it DOES do is:

Give you some GREAT ideas
Sparks your professional creativity

Helps you find forgotten songs
Helps you find a new gem
It allows you to relax a little

Imagine being able to put your mind at ease knowing when you have a momentary case of DJ brain freeze, now you’ve got a great tool which can help you out. Suddenly you feel more comfortable and confident and you’re able to do a better job for your clients.

The main thing to know is; you are in charge, and you to pick the right songs. You can use this as much or as little as you like. You may have some events where you’re on fire and you only use it for 1 or 2 songs. Or you may have to do an event while your not feeling well and need a little more help. Or maybe you just have an off night and get odd requests.

And, if your clients give you a list of songs they really want to hear in advance you can go the site to find some songs that mix well with the ones they’ve chosen. You use it as much or as little as you need.

You’ll be able to sort by
Song Title * Artist * BPM * Year * Genre * Event

You can filter the data so you’ll just see certain types of songs, or songs within a range of years, or a range of BPM.

Filters include

Short sets * BPM range * Year range * Event type * Genre

Then when you see a song you like, there’s a little button you can click to create your own sets. When you’re done you can export those to take with you, or save them to refer to when you get to your event.

The Great Playlist Debate I’ve heard a couple of DJs say, "I would never use a playlist”. That’s ok. You don’t have to. But I do have a few questions for you:
  1. Have you ever heard a couple of songs on the radio and thought, "oh wow I gotta remember those”?
  2. Have you ever seen a song posted online that you used?
  3. Have you ever had your clients give you a list of songs they wanted to hear?
  4. Have you ever played the same song or the same 2-3 songs at more than 1 event?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’ve already worked with a small playlist. So "playlist” is NOT a dirty word. It’s just using your skill and experience to create something incredible for your clients.

The UPL is a massive collection of organized searchable playlists and songs!!

Get yours today before the price goes up. Here’s what you’ll get:

12 months of access to the UPL Online System

All software and list updates for 1 year

The UPL OFFLINE app that is yours to keep forever. You can import your own list into the UPL OFFLINE app.

The current UPL list

The current SHORT SETS list that you can have handy at all times. The short sets list has over 140 sets of 3-5 songs. Each of the songs in the set mix nicely together so you can keep ‘em on the dance floor.

After your purchase is complete, you’ll receive a personal email from me with downloading instructions and your login
information! I respond as quickly as possible. Usually within minutes but if I’m away from my computer it may take a
little longer. – Neal

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